Putting the kids to bed and hating to write things!

Hello life with Aspergers is sometime confusing.   I have aspergers, my wife Jodi has aspergers and our 12 year old son Caleb has aspergers.    My 6 year old daughter Miriam doesn’t show signs yet of the disorder.

Putting the kids to bed is like letting a dozen mice lose on the floor everyone run in a different direction.    It takes a long time because it’s hard to get everyone to focus on the bed time routine.   We are all usually so worn out by all the sensory things that we have process during the day, that putting the kids to bed is hard and draining. We have to work so hard as Aspies to process our daily routines.     My brain works so hard coping during the day that is is burn out by bedtime.   We started on a new liquid vitamins and mineral one ounce shot we drink each day and it really makes a huge different on our energy level and concentration.  It helps both my wife and I.   Does anyone know of any other couple that both have Aspegers syndrome?  We both are experiencing a happy marriage.  Many professionals think that is next to impossible.  We are beating the odds with our fight to be normal and our real Faith in God.  We work hard at communication or should I say mis-communication.  I have developed many coping strategies to be normal in life. We have much hope in our lives.  I have memorized many lists and scripts for common social situations.  When I meet people in a certain social setting I pull out that special mental list of acceptable behavior.  I do this because I will freeze up and go blank when I meet someone.  So, when I them coming toward me I prepare my memorized opening and list of things to talk about.  It’s it all a script but it is still from my heart.  This is how I can act neurotypical.

Oh the thing about writing.  I have so many things in my mind that I want to express on paper but I usually can’t because it takes so much effort to type.  It is the thing I hate the most.  But I am trying.  Are you proud of me?  Part of being more normal is forcing myself to do things that are very hard.  It has make me a fighter for life!    More later!


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Autism and Employment

 I have just comes to terms with the fact that my autism diagnosis has caused be to loose many jobs in my lifetime.  I turn 52 in a few days.   I have lost so many jobs because I get overwhelmed at my jobs after a period of time.  My jobs usually last a season of 6 months to 2 years.I just get overwhelmed and depressed and i can no longer hold down  the job.  I also am so literal and black and white in my thinking that I say things so bluntly that it gets me in trouble with people.  It is hard having a family of 4 to take care of, and at times it is hard to take care of myself let alone care for a family.  But, I believe God gives me grace to do the impossible.   We have a family therapist that comes into our home once a week.  She can’t figure out how we manager so well in a family where all four people have autism.  But, she stated that  we have something that really works for our family   We have a system works out that works for our family.  It is not easy, but we make it work.  For everyone that struggle directly or indirectly, with autism, be encouraged you can have a successful life!   You just need to find a few people that believe in you and understand your autism.  Then you will be able to rise above all you obstacles.    You will not be “normal”…but you will be happy and successful!

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Loud day!

Today was very challenging the kids were making noises all day long. I am on sensory overload. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Blair and Jodi Hill

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Autism Spectrum Disorder. Do you have Aspergers?

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What is Autism? Help for Autism.

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What is autism?

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Time for bed.

Night is the hardest time in the day for me. My mind is going so fast it is hard to slow down. One strategy or what I call coping skills, it to have a fan running by my bed. The white noise can cancel out all the thought that come unsolicited in my head. The fan soothes my mind almost a good as a sleeping aide. I started this when I was 3 years old. One night I couldn’t sleep so I crawled onto the cold cement basement floor right next to the freezer. I laid by the vent fall which made a whirring sound. Every since then I have used a fan to get me to sleep. What do you use?? The only sleeping aide I use is melanin a natural remedy to help you sleep. It words really good and it is very safe and good for you, It also improves your looks and makes you more handsome. It you don’t believe me check it out!!! I need lots of it! LOL

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We have started a new life in Arizona.

We moved to Casa Grande Arizona 2 months ago. We had to leave our job in Oklahoma because of issues with my aspergers. I was a pastor. It becoming more and more difficult to deal with all the politics at my job. I don’t think I can do it anymore. We are planning to do more professional speaking, which is what I can do easily. Speaking is easy for me. Talking to people is sometimes hard. I will be sharing more about what new things I am discovering about myself. Everyone in our family has Aspergers Syndrome. Have a great day.

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Christmas Celebrations

Many people believe that faith in God is abstract thinking, but I believe it is not abstract.  My  relationship with Jesus is based on reality not on abstract church doctrine.  He is my friend and this is the time of year to celebrate the birth of our Lord and deliverer Jesus Christ.   He is s real person that I love and talk to.   I remind you to celebrate the gift of God’s son Jesus now and through the year!

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wordpress blogging


This is a brand new day. Hope yours is going great. I am here to be a blessing to you.

Blair Hill



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Cooking Flax seed Bread

I just finished a wonderful loaf of bread for lunch. It was really good and filled with mega nutrition.

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